Feeling the Pain


Two weeks ago, I handed in my English term assignment.

I am finally in class as opposed to being a part of it.

The work load has hit.

I am back at school, as opposed to going back to school.


There is a computer expression that you never know a topic until you feel the pain. I felt the pain. Feeling the pain is great. You power through it to a new level.


No more computer classes apart from the one at Nova that I wanted to do in the first place.

No horticulture classes unless tightly focused. The ridiculous price of the texts helped to decide this.

I need to focus.


Everyone was already in the classroom when i arrived. They are talking but I am not part of it and really cannot join the conversation as I have no idea of the subject. I still feel that I am not part of the group but to use a cliché: I am not here to make friends. However, I have a common interest with the other students. And that is writing.


I am here to learn writing.

The end goal is writing and not the learning.


Last week, we had a peer review of the paper.

The feedback was great.

I expected it to be too art focused for the rest of the group, but this was the case.

Students focused on the characters in the paper but not what they were saying. I need to my characters more transparent. It was interesting that some students wanted more of one thing, others wanted less of it. I think a more cohesive focus of the paper will solve that. I wanted to have multiple interpretations and levels of the work, but I think there needs to be one very obvious message and several more subtle ones. I need to state the main point and leave the others open.

Now I revise. More pain, but it is necessary pain.



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